Haaretz, Aug 22, 2017


A German diplomat explained the other problems related to taking Israel's side in the EU: “More and more European states are against Israel’s behavior and we cannot achieve, let’s say, a better-worded resolution against Jerusalem every time, as it is always about compromises. And we need compromises in many EU affairs affecting Germany, so the other states say: You want to help Israel again? Fine, but then you need to give us something for it. The truth is, Israel’s support inside the EU is vanishing. Germany, being almost alone as [its] defender, can’t do too much.”

Yet Germany remains a strong supporter of Israel’s right to exist and Chancellor Merkel will continue to help when it comes to Israel’s capability of defending itself. The mere fact that Germany is willing to subsidize the sale of two submarines to Israel proves it. If this purchase will not take place, it will only be because of the alleged corruption case inside Israel. A few weeks ago Berlin made clear that in this case, Germany would withdraw from the deal. That was because Merkel would not have been able to defend such a sale and doesn't want to get tainted by a possible corruption scandal during her election campaign.

[...] The fear that Germany might get attacked by Israel because of the Holocaust is over. A younger German leadership knows its historical responsibilities toward Jews and Israel, but it no longer feels guilty for what happened in the Shoah.