Haaretz, Apr 20, 2017


Towards the back of the rally, away from the cameras, sat the unchanged voter base of France's National Front: Skinheads, ultra-nationalist tattoos and dark conspiracy theories about global financial elites.


Marine Le Pen addresses a Paris campaign rally. April 17, 2017. PASCAL ROSSIGNOL/REUTERS

it wasn’t difficult to detect neo-Nazi echoes in the conspiracy theories they shared about their candidate being the only one capable of taking on the “dark financial elites” who really control the world.

Haaretz, Jul. 17, 2016


Teeth are a sensitive issue and their condition can mirror one’s social status and ways of cultural consumption. Teeth can say a lot about their owner’s bank account, the neighborhood he lives in and the car he drives.

Haaretz, Apr 23, 2017

Marine Le Pen casts her vote in the first-round of the presidential election on April 23, 2017. Frank Augstein/AP


“If Marine Le Pen is elected president of France, the Jews must leave,” Lazar said, according to a transcription of his address at the conference provided by Limmud FSU.

Informed Comment, August 12, 2014

Stationed [in Italy] was the small Jewish logistical support formation enlisted by the British in Palestine. Its main piece of equipment was exactly what the Zionist organizers most needed, the truck, and they were also decked out in British army uniforms and armed with British army documents. Under Zionist orders and literally under British noses, they ranged throughout Italy, gathering displaced persons in their trucks and delivering them to ships that had been hired by the Zionists to smuggle them into Palestine.

Haaretz, Feb. 24, 2016


The drug cost about 40,000 shekels (about $10,000) per treatment, and was supposed to be administered every three weeks. No one could say how many treatments to anticipate.