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Haaretz, Sep. 2, 2015


The much publicized video of an Israeli soldier choking a 12-year-old boy show just one way in which the army terrorizes residents of Palestinian villages in order to steal their land.


The soldier who choked 12-year-old Mohammad Tamimi last week belongs to the organization that carries out and ensures the continued armed robbery of land in Nabi Saleh, employing various methods to terrorize the residents. He is not the first and not the last; the armed robbery is not conducted solely on the lands of this village, and the spring at Nabi Saleh is not the only one in the West Bank taken over by Jewish settlers.

[...] [T]he Israeli media [...] recalled that the sister, 14-year-old Ahed, had “confronted” soldiers in the past. [...] Israelis see seriality (a synonym for criminality) in the family’s actions. Israelis have eyes but cannot see the true criminal seriality in the theft of the spring and the land for the good of the settlement “Halamish,” and the ban which prohibits the village from building on a large part of its lands.

The Israeli media dealt a lot with the rocks the boy threw, or did not throw. “I don’t understand,” said Ahed, who has experience with journalists who cannot take their eyes off her blond curls. “A rock is violence and a rifle is not violence?”

If there were no land theft and no settler-lords, there would be no need for a rifle to enable the settlements to blossom and expand, while the Israel Defense Forces’ Civil Administration disseminates demolition orders and stop-work orders for houses in the Palestinian village on whose land the settlements are built. And if there were no rifles and soldiers to block access to the spring, there would not be rocks. So simple really, just like it sounds.