The New York Times, April 13, 2016


After a Palestinian who shot and injured two soldiers March 11 was suspected to have fled to the village of Beit Urr al-Tahta, Israeli forces shut down a main road nearby. That effectively cut off seven villages, upturning the lives of their 35,000 residents. The usual 15-minute commute to Ramallah was suddenly a convoluted hourlong wiggle through narrow lanes and farm roads.

[...] Mr. Shamy and other residents found the closing especially baffling because the road in question is generally used only by Palestinians, leaving little risk that would-be attackers would use it to hunt Israelis.

[...] He pointed to the nearby Route 443, the Israeli-built four-lane highway that hurtles through the West Bank, lined by barriers that largely prevent access from Palestinian communities. “We don’t see them,” he said.