Frammenti vocali in MO:Israele e Palestina, 19 giugno 2016

which separates Bethlehem from ‪#‎Jerusalem‬, looked like at 3:30 A.M. this morning. (for anyone tempted to suggested, “Why don’t they just get there an hour earlier?”). There is no possible justification for requiring people to wait in line for hours in the middle of the night and in unbearably crowded conditions, just so they can get to their jobs and begin a hard day’s work. It certainly has nothing to do with security concerns: Everyone going through the checkpoint has valid work permits allowing them to enter Israel, received after undergoing all the necessary background checks. Citing bureaucracy and expense as pretexts for this state of affairs indicates that decision-makers don’t care about the plight of people who have no say in their political careers.

This is what the daily grind of the ‪#‎occupation‬ looks like: It doesn’t necessarily mean the use of weapons or brutality. Just callous and cruel humiliation. For no reason, just because it can be done.