Haaretz, Jul. 13, 2016


Ofer Prison is around seven kilometers from central Ramallah, a 10-minute drive, with the lights and heavy traffic. Ofer — a prison, army camp and military court — is in the West Bank, on the land of the Palestinian town of Bitunia, next to Route 443. But Israel has skillfully created the impression that Ofer is in its territory. The expanse alongside Route 443 and surrounding the settlement bloc of Givat Ze’ev was de facto annexed to Israel long ago. It’s beyond the pale for Palestinians, except for laborers in the settlements and visitors to the prison.

Haaretz, Jul. 9, 2016


According to data presented by Alexander Kushnir, the Water Authority’s director general, the large expansion in agriculture in the settlements has led to a rise in consumption this year.

RFI, 20.01.2016

Les autorités israéliennes ont annoncé mercredi 20 janvier la plus grande confiscation de terres en Cisjordanie depuis l'été 2014. Près de 150 hectares de terrains en Cisjordanie seront déclarés « terrains d'Etat israélien ». [...] Ces terres agricoles dans la vallée du Jourdain sont très convoitées par les colons israéliens. Cette décision pourrait attiser encore un peu plus les tensions entre la communauté internationale et le gouvernement israélien.

Reuters, Mar. 15, 2016

Israel has appropriated large tracts of land in the occupied West Bank near the Dead Sea and the Palestinian city of Jericho, Israeli Army Radio said on Tuesday.

Al Jazeera, 23 June 2016

Salfit, occupied West Bank - Salfit sits atop an underground wealth of water, but the city's residents are forbidden from accessing it - and they are now in crisis, as Israel's national water company, Mekorot, has reduced water supply to the northern West Bank.