Haaretz, May 30, 2017


“Why are you only interested in Syrian refugees and not in us, the Palestinian refugees?” answers Osama in a markedly Palestinian dialect.

[...] Osama fled Gaza via the tunnels that connect Gaza and Egypt. “Yes, there are tunnels that haven’t been destroyed and they’re used by civilians who want to leave. Some people go through the Rafah crossing, but that’s a very expensive story. I have friends who had to pay $2,500 or $3,000 to the Egyptian commanders at the Rafah crossing to let them out,” he says.

[...] As Osama puts it, “A whole generation of children is getting lost here. In Gaza at least there are schools and clinics, and maybe it’s even possible to work.” (He himself sometimes made his living from “stealing Jews’ cars.”)

Here the children have no schools or kindergartens. The parents try to teach them themselves, but there are no teaching materials or even a quiet place to teach them. In the buildings you hear yelling all day, and you can imagine that ultimately these lost children will be criminals,” he says.