Human Rights Council, 24 February20 March 2020

Palestinian citizens of Israel, subject to Israeli civil law;

An Open Letter to the International Community

My 22, 2021

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We, Jewish Israelis, oppose the actions of the Israeli government and hereby declare our commitment to act against them. We refuse to accept the Jewish-supremacist regime and call upon the international community to immediately intervene in defense of the Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem, the Galilee, the Negev, al-Lydd, Yafa, Ramleh, Haifa and throughout historic Palestine.

May 14, 2021

... is an outcome of the apartheid regime that controls the entire area.

È in vigore dalle 2 di notte di venerdì 21 maggio un cessate il fuoco tra Israele e Hamas, raggiunto con la mediazione dell'Egitto dopo undici giorni di

bombardamenti, vittime e distruzioni. Resta il dolore per tutte le vittime e le distruzioni, resta l’angoscia per il futuro. Speriamo che la tregua duri.

Mondoweiss, May 15, 2021

3. Jews can reclaim property allegedly owned pre-1948. Only Jews.
Israel claims that land in Sheikh Jarrah had belonged to Jews before 1948, and that they therefore have the right to repossess it. But under Israeli law, only Jews have this right; the non-Jews whose homes Israeli settlers commandeer, are denied the same right.