11 mar 2015

Tra le misure pensate dai prigionieri palestinesi per contestare le violazioni dei loro diritti, la “disobbedienza civile” e uno sciopero della fame di massa.

Roma, 11 marzo 2015, Nena NewsUn accordo preliminare raggiunto tra i rappresentanti dei prigionieri palestinesi e le autorità carcerarie israeliane ha fermato le proteste che i detenuti avrebbero dovuto iniziare ieri e che sarebbero culminate in uno sciopero della fame di massa il mese prossimo. I palestinesi protestano da tempo per i maltrattamenti subiti all’interno delle carceri dello stato ebraico, l’isolamento, la detenzione amministrativa (ovvero condanna senza processo) e le difficili condizioni di vita.

Haaretz, 20.03.15


The problem is that they are Arabs. They have submitted numberless plans and proposals to the authorities, but nothing was approved. Meanwhile, the development plans of the surrounding cities and towns threaten to strangle Dahamesh. A new road and expansion of the rail line, along with new neighborhoods in Lod and Ramle, might even have the effect of blocking the one existing access route to the village.

War in Context, 17/03/2015

The New York Times reports: Increasingly worried that he could lose Tuesday’s elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel lashed out at the country’s Arab voters, expressing alarm that a large turnout by them could determine the outcome. Opponents accused him of baldfaced racism.


Gideon Levy writes: Netanyahu deserves the Israeli people and they deserve him. [...] A significant proportion of Israelis has finally grown detached from reality. This is the result of years’ worth of brainwashing and incitement. [...] They voted for the man who admitted to having duped half the world during his Bar-Ilan speech; now he has torn off his mask and disavowed those words once and for all. [...] Dear Likud voters, what the hell do you say “yes” to? Another 50 years of occupation and ostracism? Do you really believe in that?

Haaretz, 22.03.15

If only Israel had told the truth: that it covets the occupied territory for itself and will never give it up; that hundreds of thousands of Jews are living there and it has no intention of evacuating them; that it does not care about international law, and cares nothing for what the whole world thinks; that the Palestinians have no rights there; that Abraham our patriarch is buried there; that Rachel our matriarch weeps there; that Israel’s security depends on it, and that the Holocaust is at the door. The reasons are many and varied, and they all say one thing – now and forever, from Hebron to Jenin. [...]