Haaretz, Nov 13, 2017

J Street U drew inspiration from the success of the international campaign, in which her organization participated, to prevent demolitions and evictions in the Palestinian West Bank village of Sussia, located in the South Hebron Hills. Last month, a delegation of U.S. Congressional leaders met with residents of Sussia during a visit organized by J Street. The Israeli Supreme Court is slated to rule later this week on whether demolitions will go ahead in the village.

Haaretz, Nov 12, 2017


Nabil Daragmeh told Haaretz that last Thursday he saw soldiers putting something under a rock on the road in front of the hill where he lives. He also saw them photographing whatever it was they had left by the road. After they had gone, he went to see what it was.

The Palestine Chronicle, Sept 25, 2017

(Image: Ramachandra Babu, Gulf New)

For Hussein Agha and Ahmad Khalidi ‘Israel’s willingness to offer an acceptable deal is increasingly open to question.’  One understands the need for delicate phrasing in the New Yorker, a conduit for a lot of Zionist propaganda, but, really, Israel has never been willing to offer an ‘acceptable deal’, other than acceptable to itself, not during the life of Oslo, not before it and not since.

Haaretz, Oct 16, 2017


From the criticism in the articles, it appeared that, just as the average Israeli can board a bus or get into a car and travel eastward, freely, on any day of the week and at any hour, a rank-and-file Palestinian can likewise hit the same deluxe highways and head westward. To the sea. Or to Jerusalem. To their family in the Galilee; as they choose, on almost any day and at any hour, except on Shabbat and holidays.

Nov 14, 2017

La délégation était composée de sept élus, dont quatre députés, issus du Parti communiste et de La France Insoumise. Elle disait vouloir rencontrer Marwan Barghouthi, haut cadre du Fatah emprisonné depuis plus de quinze ans par Israël.