Haaretz, 07/01/2018

Members of Jewish Voice for Peace protest in Washington, on July 21, 2014 Atheer Ahmed Kakan / Anadolu Age

The left-wing organization Jewish Voice for Peace has been placed on a BDS blacklist being compiled by Israel, the Strategic Affairs Ministry confirmed on Saturday, following a report by the Israel Television News Company.

la Repubblica, 27 novembre 2017


ROMA - La Rete Italiana degli Ebrei Contro L’Occupazione chiede ai Governi dell’Unione Europea e, in particolare, al Governo italiano, di assumere una posizione forte contro la politica di Israele, che persegue una persecuzione etnica attraverso espulsioni pianificate dei Beduini che vivono nei villaggi di Ein el-Hilweh e Al Maleh, nel Nord della Valle del Giordano. Tutto questo per realizzare la costruzione di una città ebraica, su terra localizzata nella parte della West Bank, conosciuta come Area C, ora sotto completo controllo israeliano, sia amministrativo che di sicurezza.

Haaretz, Oct 30, 2017

A picture released on September 15, 1948 shows Palestinian refugees returning to their village after its surrender during the Arab war against the proclamation of the State of Israel. AFP

In 1921, four years after the Balfour Declaration promised to establish a “national home for the Jewish people” in the Holy Land, Yosef Castel, a well-known public figure in Jerusalem, prepared an alternative version of the declaration. It also centered on establishing a national home, but for two peoples, Jewish and Arab, rather than one.

November the 19th, 2017

Open letter condemning Israeli Supreme Court’s decisions making way for the expulsion of 750-1,000 Bedouin residents in the north of the Jordan Valley.

We, the Italian network of Ebrei Contro l’Occupazione (Jews Against the Occupation), call on European Union governments, and especially our own Italian Government, to take a strong position against Israel’s policy of ethnic persecution, which includes the planned expulsion of  Bedouins living in the northern Jordan Valley villages of Ein el-Hilweh and Al Maleh to enable the construction of a Jewish town on land located in part of the Israeli occupied West Bank known as Area C, currently under full Israeli administrative and security control.

Oct 8, 2017

100 Years After Balfour is a new talking heads film made by Independent Jewish Voices. The film spells out the troubling legacy of the Balfour Declaration, challenging the notion that this year’s centenary is cause for celebration, given the grave consequences of the document for Palestinians above all.