GroundUp, 8 June 2021

Map of the West Bank, the Israeli occupied Palestinian territory. Palestinian areas are green. Blue areas are Israeli-controlled. Image supplied

Sharon expressed great interest in South Africa’s bantustan project [....]

The bantustans of South Africa under the apartheid regime and the map of the occupied Palestinian territories today are predicated on the same idea of concentrating the “undesirable” population in as small an area as possible, in a series of non-contiguous enclaves. By gradually driving these populations from their land and concentrating them into dense and fractured pockets, both South Africa then and Israel today worked to thwart political autonomy and true democracy.

Open Democracy, 21 May 2021

Netanyahu sent Israeli police to storm the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem during the Al-Qadr Night prayers on 8 May, and injured 330 Palestinians.

UJFP, 14 mai 2021

Les événements de ces derniers jours – à Gaza et à Lod, à Jérusalem et Haïfa, à Naplouse et à Acre – sont le résultat du régime d’apartheid entre la mer et la Jordanie. Un régime dans lequel environ la moitié de la population d’Israël / Palestine – les juifs – peut jouir d’une vie et d’une protection des droits humains bien remplies, tandis que l’autre moitié – les Palestiniens – ne le peuvent pas.

An Open Letter to the International Community

May 22, 2021

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We, Jewish Israelis, oppose the actions of the Israeli government and hereby declare our commitment to act against them. We refuse to accept the Jewish-supremacist regime and call upon the international community to immediately intervene in defense of the Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem, the Galilee, the Negev, al-Lydd, Yafa, Ramleh, Haifa and throughout historic Palestine.

Haaretz, Jan 2, 2021

“Burg writes that he no longer considers himself as belonging to the Jewish nationality. He adds that his conscience does not allow him to be classified as a member of that nation, because it implies “belonging to the group of the masters.