Haaretz, Oct. 6, 2015


And then there's Benjamin Netanyahu, our country's fearful leader, who said that Israel lacks the "geographic and demographic depth" to accept refugees. Let's put aside the thought that if 40,000 European Jews wanted to come tomorrow, the prime minister would not tell them the country is too small. Let's ignore the irony of Netanyahu, who's done all he can to keep the West Bank under our rule, saying, "But demography!"

What he meant was, "They're not Jews."

Netanyahu, we know, is very concerned about Jewishness. He wants the Palestinians to recognize Israel as the Jewish nation-state. He once said that leftists "have forgotten what it is to be Jews." [...]

Netanyahu would certainly say it was criminal for Western countries not to accept Jewish refugees in 1939, and for the British to stop allowing Jews to gain refuge here. But it would seem that if Roma or homosexuals had been fleeing Germany and been turned away from America, or from the British-controlled territory of Palestine, Netanyahu would not see that as a crime.