Haaretz, Jan 20, 2016


“Why does it bother you that we are fixing a road full of potholes?” the activists asked. And the soldier, with utter self-confidence, replied: “This is the State of Israel. This route does not need to change, this road needs to remain the way it is. With holes. Because this is the territory of the State of Israel.”

[...] The weapons were kept in Ezra Nawi’s jeep: Black buckets, pickaxes and hoes. The road, full of potholes, leads off a beautifully paved road that leads to the unauthorized outpost of Mitzpe Yair. The ruler is the same ruler, the nature is the same nature. But what the Jews deserve is forbidden to Arabs. Residents of the villages are sentenced to travel on what is not really a road, three kilometers long.

[...] For half-an-hour, they managed to fill three potholes, while Y.B. demanded they stop, because “this is the State of Israel and the road needs to remain with holes.”

Y.B. summarized the policy: Potholes for Palestinians, asphalt for the Jews.