Haaretz, Feb 9, 2016

Jinba, South Hebron Hills —

“They came on Tuesday, and destroyed it. The Jews,” said the boy, Hamudi, holding a jagged block of concrete in each hand, and looking at me, “Curse their fathers.”

[...] “We’re Jews, too, you know,” I said softly, in Arabic.

Hamudi’s 13 year-old face scrunched, eyebrows knitted like two small caterpillars. Then his hazel eyes widened: “Oh! You know Ezra?”

I nodded, taking another two blocks from his small hands.

Hamudi’s younger sister, Aseel, who had reddish hair and who didn’t stop laughing all morning, chimed in: “Ezra was arrested because he cares about Arabs.”

“So you’re not going to tell the other Jews,” Hamudi looked at me, grinning, “to come destroy our house again?”


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