Haaretz, Jul 12, 2017


The place was so sacred in the eyes of the settlers that Rabbi Moshe Levinger allowed his toddler son to urinate at the top of the stairs at the entrance for the Muslims.

[...] The Tomb of the Patriarchs has become a fortified army base surrounded by a “sterile” area, an unquestioned symbol of the settlers’ victory over the non-Jews and of the IDF’s subordination to the Army of God. Truly, the Tomb of the Patriarchs is worthy of being called a World Heritage site, not because of the tombs of our patriarchs and matriarchs, but as a monument to the Jewish national religious victory over the Muslims. A symbol that offsets the 1929 massacre of the Jews of Hebron, with the massacre of Muslims 65 years later. Nobody, not even the United Nations, is allowed to deny Israel this great achievement.