Haaretz, Jan 17, 2018


His death represents a saving of $8500 to the Israeli taxpayer ($5000 to Rwanda for agreeing to take him and $3500 cash in hand for agreeing to leave). One down, 37,699 to go.

<[...] In 2010, Wadjungah came to Israel. Initially he lived and worked in Netanya. In 2012, he was sent to the Holot detention center where he lived for almost two years until he was released in August 2014. At Holot, he actively sought to learn English and also life skills, seeking to contribute to himself, his community and his future. Most recently, Wadjungah lived in Tel Aviv [....]

Wadjungah spent almost eight years in Israel unable to start a family, go back to school or work towards a meaningful career. When envisioning his future, it seems he hit a dead end.  

When considering whether to return to Africa, perhaps Wadjungah remembered the story of Adam who, five weeks after leaving Israel, drowned in the Mediterranean, or Abdul Azim who, two weeks after being voluntarily returned to Rwanda, was killed in South Sudan by thieves intent on stealing  the money still left from the 'exit grant' given to him by the Israeli government, or the likely hundreds more like them. Of course, returning to Sudan, the execution site of members of his family, was not an option.