Haaretz, Jan 24, 2017


Israel is now in last place in the world in terms of granting refugee permits, according to a report by Assaf, an aid organization for refugees and asylum seekers in Israel.

[...] Now they’re telling us about agreements with a “third country,” in other words Uganda and/or Rwanda, who have already mumbled half-heartedly that there are no such agreements. Meanwhile, out of the thousands of refugees who have already been expelled from Israel to Rwanda (at an astronomical cost, including policemen who fly to the ends of the earth, and a payment to the refugees that turns them into victims of torture and blackmail) only seven have remained there. The rest fled, or were persecuted, expelled or murdered. The few who succeeded in reaching refugee centers in Greece give horrifying testimony [....]

The unfortunate conclusion is that Netanyahu understands that the African refugees whom he is sending to their deaths by torture provides excellent political capital.