Haaretz, Nov 6, 2017


In order to shape the reality of the enclaves, a whole web of ideologues, generals, lawyers, officials, seekers of improved housing, rabbis, politicians, geographers, historians, contractors and many, many more were needed. Therefore, one person is not enough to block a policy that a determined and fully coordinated web designed. Not even Rabin – even if we assume for a moment that he realized a logical agreement could be based only on a contiguous Palestinian state.

Haaretz, Nov 12, 2017

The family of Mohammed Musa, who was shot to death by Israeli soldiers, in the village of Dir Ballut, November 9, 2017. Amira Hass

The soldiers (or soldier) who shot at Musa’s car are posted there in order to guard another illegal outpost, which is confidently developing into another neighborhood of the illegal settlement Halamish.

Haaretz, Nov 1, 2017

What would have happened had unidentified individuals in Iran, France or Venezuela attacked Jewish shopkeepers and forced them to close their shops? What apologies and expressions of shock our diplomats would have demanded from the European Union, the United Nations and who knows who else. And with what glee various researchers would have drawn a graph of global hatred and been interviewed at length, with grave expressions, about the worrisome anti-Semitic characteristics – so reminiscent of a dark past – of robbing Jews of their livelihood and destroying their property.

al Jazeera, September 28, 2017

Mizrahi Jews protest on Monday for the theft of their children and loved ones in the 1950s [Yuval Abraham/Al Jazeera]

Mizrahi Jews protest on Monday for the theft of their children and loved ones in the 1950s [Yuval Abraham/Al Jazeera]

After Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands in 1948, the state's leadership was concerned with physically guarding the empty territories and blocking Palestinian refugees' return to them.

Haaretz, Nov 2, 2017


The tunnel from Gaza was absolutely a danger to Israeli lives. Islamic Jihad said it was intended for the purpose of abducting soldiers. Snatching people from their beds is, of course, a privilege reserved for Israeli soldiers. They do it nightly. Israelis said the tunnel would be used to murder women and children. In any case, Israel had a right, a duty even, to foil the threat to its citizens and residents’ safety and hit the tunnel. But the timing was suspicious: just as the Palestinians are trying to unite in Gaza, just before the transfer of responsibility for the border terminals between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.