Haaretz, Jan 17, 2018


His death represents a saving of $8500 to the Israeli taxpayer ($5000 to Rwanda for agreeing to take him and $3500 cash in hand for agreeing to leave). One down, 37,699 to go.

Breaking the silence, 2012

They really encouraged us to be on good terms with the settlers in Tapuach. Since all the men in Tapuach go to synagogue on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, two soldiers sit outside and guard them. It was the norm to eat dinner and breakfast with the families because they always invite you. They were really nice to us. You sit on a bench outside the synagogue, spend an hour, an hour and a half, two hours there, and when they finish usually someone will come and tell the soldiers “good Sabbath, good Sabbath, come eat.” You go to their house, put your equipment in the corner, keep your two-way radio on you – but as long as you’re on alert, go eat at their house, sure. It was totally routine and totally fine. People liked to go because you’d eat real people food. There were two soldiers in Tapuach and two soldiers in Eli, and two in Rahelim – in the end about eight guys got a good dinner.

Haaretz, Jan 12, 2017

The American Friends Service Committee logo

The American arm of the so-called Quaker Friends Societies, the American Friends Service Committee, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947 in general recognition of the humanitarian wartime aid Quakers have provided throughout modern history, but specifically for the role played by AFSC in saving Christians and Jews from the Nazis during World War II. Unlike most Christian organizations, which helped only Christians, AFSC did not differentiate between faiths and thus became one of the most active non-Jewish organizations saving Jews.

Haaretz, Dec 29, 2017

Does anybody care that the Interior Ministry’s Population, Immigration and Border Authority is reexamining the citizenship of veteran immigrants, especially from the former Soviet Union?

Haaretz, Jan 4, 2018

Israel is demonstrating how well it has internalized the origins of totalitarianism and put them at the heart of its control over millions of “non-persons” in that faraway place that is barely 10 kilometers from here – that void referred to in the legal language invented by Israel as “the region.”