Haaretz, Oct. 19, 2016


the Shin Bet wants us to believe that several of its functionaries have become security risks, and therefore their permanent exit permits were revoked. Just as it wants me to be persuaded that a female banker has turned dangerous and a teen with cancer, who has been treated in Israel since childhood and currently needs a jaw transplant in Haifa, has become dangerous.

[...] If this is true, why didn’t it arrest the functionaries and the banker and the patients at the Erez checkpoint when they crossed from Gaza into Israel? Why didn’t it tail them to catch them red-handed? Because the Shin Bet knows quite well that it’s all nonsense; it just wants to extort a little more – more invasive information about others? Another humiliating posture? More obsequiousness? Further weakening of a Palestinian institution? More pleasure from every moment of exercising its unlimited power?