The Palestine Chronicle, Sept 25, 2017

(Image: Ramachandra Babu, Gulf New)

For Hussein Agha and Ahmad Khalidi ‘Israel’s willingness to offer an acceptable deal is increasingly open to question.’  One understands the need for delicate phrasing in the New Yorker, a conduit for a lot of Zionist propaganda, but, really, Israel has never been willing to offer an ‘acceptable deal’, other than acceptable to itself, not during the life of Oslo, not before it and not since.

For these authors Mahmud Abbas (Abu Mazen) represents ‘the last slender chance of a negotiated settlement.  They speak of his persistent engagement with the ‘peace process’ and his ‘fulsome dedication to security cooperation with Israel’ which – they are obliged to point out – really adds up to serving as an auxiliary function to the occupation.’  This is clearly not how many Palestinians regard Abbas.  For ‘cooperation’ they would substitute ‘collaboration.’