Haaretz, Jul 11, 2017


the PA authorized only 500 Gazans for treatment outside the Strip in June – down from 2,190 in March. “Hundreds of patients are awaiting their deaths in hospitals in Gaza for lack of any chance of obtaining treatment outside it,” the center said.


«Hamas è una organizzazione complessa ed è normale che al suo interno vi siano visioni diverse ma il cambiamento non era più rinviabile. Noi contro il Sionismo non l’Ebraismo», spiega l’ex consigliere di Ismail Haniyeh e “teorico” del movimento islamico

Ahmed Yousef

Ahmed Yousef

 – Il Manifesto

Mar 27, 2017

al Shabaka, 6 July 2017

abbas on gaza

Abbas remains committed to the premise of the Gaza blockade [....]

Middle East Eye, 4 May 2017


that Oslo accord has allowed Israel to expand its illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem and to continue its colonisation of Palestinian lands. The failure of that celebrated DoP and its framework meant that Israel entrenched its apartheid policies, practices and structures.