Al Shabaka, May 16, 2017

Palestinian Israeli Security Coordination

To speak of Israeli-Palestinian “cooperation”…is to use no less than a misnomer. This is not, however, simply because “the outcome of cooperation between an elephant and a fly is not hard to predict,” as Chomsky so pithily writes…but because under Oslo, “cooperation” is often only minimally different from the occupation and domination that went before it.

Haaretz, Apr 13, 2017


The only PA employees in Gaza who were allowed to continue working were those in education, welfare and health; they currently number around 10,000. But their salaries, too, were slashed 30 to 50 percent (depending on the size of the salary).

Haaretz, May 5, 2017


Officially, the Palestinian Authority is perceived as an essential corridor to the establishment of the Palestinian state. In fact, it is a project that the world supports for the sake of regional stability. And “stability” has become a synonym for the continuation of Israel’s settlements in the West Bank without any serious diplomatic or military implications for Israel, and without major shocks to the positions of Western countries.


L’interruzione del digiuno cominciato lo scorso 17 aprile è giunta dopo una trattativa nella prigione di Ashqelon durata 20 ore tra le autorità carcerarie con il leader di  Fatah Marwan Barghouti e altri scioperanti. Israele ha dovuto accettare alcune delle richieste palestinesi


Gerusalemme, 27 maggio 2016, Nena NewsDopo oltre 40 giorni, a poche ore dall’inizio del mese islamico di Ramadan, è terminato lo sciopero della fame cominciato lo scorso 17 aprile  nelle carceri israeliane da 1500 prigionieri palestinesi su appello del leader di Fatah Marwan Barghouti, per ottenere migliori condizioni di detenzione.

Haaretz, May 3, 2017


the document [...] is aimed first and foremost at the Palestinian people, and it contains articles and sentences formulated during years of negotiations with the Palestine Liberation Organization over national reconciliation.