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Haaretz, Oct 27, 2016


despite the clear preference given to Jewish citizens and the persisting oppression and discrimination toward the Palestinians, we were all required to say thank you for being allowed to stay here rather than being sent off to join the Palestinian national picnic.

[...] [W]hat is Israel’s elected leadership doing? Linking Zionism and religion, that’s what. [...] [O]nly the Lord can save the Chosen People from its own deeds; only a return to religion and Judaism will bring salvation and strengthen the connection between the Jew and this little piece of land.

Thus, in the name of God, who has no Facebook page where he could confirm the rightness of this, Israel justifies more settlement, more expropriation, more military campaigns, all seasoned with hate and demonization of the Palestinian who wants to murder Jews just because he’s thirsty for Jewish blood.