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Haaretz, May 17, 2017


We carried out one big transfer and others not as big, and the fabrication of the “empty land” comes apart every day before our eyes.

[....] We don’t allow them to come even for a visit to the land where their grandparents were born and lived, but they are connected to it and know what’s going on here. Many of them have been living for seven decades from nightmare to nightmare. We killed them in the tens of thousands, from close range, from the air and via proxies [....]

We established an apartheid regime, we fragmented the area that the world defined as a Palestinian state alongside Israel, we built dual systems of infrastructure and law. And see how the Palestinians remain rooted in their land. The deceptiveness with which Israel advanced the colonizing project under the guise of a peace process is beyond the ability of the current Palestinian leaders to defy. And now a new generation of Palestinians is managing to drive Israeli’s lying hasbara crazy. The BDS call, for example.