Haaretz, Dec. 18, 2016


Netanyahu noted that the new planes “could operate in any arena, near or far.” There is no need to explain who lives far away (but, a clue, they speak Persian).

[...] But Netanyahu did not make do with this, nor his earlier remarks on how submarines represent Israel’s insurance policy. Once more he penetrated deep into the consciousness of “all those who think to destroy us.” He declared on Wednesday that Iran “is putting itself in grave danger.”

This is not just another recycled promise to attack the Iranian nuclear program, as is common in these parts. It’s not even a warning in the style of then-Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin to Damascus in 1966, in order to force a lull or escalation. Instead, it’s a declaration that, under certain circumstances, Israel would want to, and is able to, destroy an enemy nation. This is the second-strike capability, “the payback,” attributed to Israel.

Netanyahu says he has the capability to annihilate, which he will use in some scenario against an entire nation. This is not the “Samson Option,” because Samson killed the Philistine commanders and the 3,000 civilians who were with them, but did not wipe out Philistia.

[...] Netanyahu [...] is provoking a war of mutual destruction because in Iran, too, they can also read thoughts. If the devil wills it, they will panic, feel Netanyahu is coming to kill them and rise up to strike first – which will finally allow him to carry out the threat to their existence.