Haaretz, Aug 28, 2017


There is nothing better for Israel’s security that having Abbas as the PA’s chairman. It’s reasonable to assume that whoever steps into his shoes will have to be more extreme with regard to Israel, both as a means of bolstering his standing and because Abbas’s position on security collaboration with Israel is unpopular among Palestinians. So why is the defense minister doing everything possible to weaken Abbas, even calling on one occasion to withhold the transfer of taxes Israel collects for the PA until he leaves his post?

Haaretz, Aug 25, 2017


I’ll read it to you: “What does the farmer do in the fall? Plows the field, sows seeds and at the end of Sukkot, prays for rain and asks, ‘Bestow dew and rain for blessing upon the face of the earth.’” That’s it? That’s what a farmer does? There’s no fertilizer, no sprinklers, no hothouses, no science? Plows, seeds and prays? This is science?


La Corte Suprema israeliana ha rigettato la richiesta mossa dalla famiglia di Mohammed, bruciato vivo tre anni fa. Nelle stesse ore le famiglie di tre palestinesi che hanno aggredito e ucciso una soldatessa hanno ricevuto l’ordine di distruzione


Un poster per Mohammed Abu Khdeir a Shuafat pochi giorni dopo la sua uccisione (Foto: Chiara Cruciati/Nena News)

Un poster per Mohammed Abu Khdeir a Shuafat pochi giorni dopo la sua uccisione (Foto: Chiara Cruciati/Nena News)

Roma, 5 luglio 2017, Nena News – Le case degli assassini di Mohammed Abu Khdeir, estremisti israeliani, non saranno demolite. Lo ha stabilito ieri la Corte Suprema israeliana, in linea con il diritto internazionale che vieta la punizione collettiva come forma di rappresaglia.

Ma'an News Agency, June 23, 2017

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- During a speech at Israel’s Herzliya conference, aimed at discussing the country’s national policies, ultraright Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman rejected the possibility of Palestinian refugees from historic Palestine, which Israel was built on, being able to return to their lands within the 1967 borders, a right that is upheld by United Nations Resolution 194.

Haaretz, Aug 17, 2017


Haaretz blogger John Brown's graphic explanation. What do you think?