Haaretz, Jun. 5, 2016


A poor city, filthy and neglected, which secular Jews leave as fast as they can, which the Palestinians cling to with all their meager strength and which religious, chauvinistic, extremist Jews have long taken over. It’s a city that sends its settler metastases into every Palestinian neighborhood, merely to bring misery, to dispossess, to oppress and to evict. And all this is done under the auspices of the authorities, including the judiciary, Israel’s most enlightened authority.

[...] With the most racist soccer team in the league and the most chauvinistic mayor in local government – neither by chance – Jerusalem has become the symbol of the occupation, the most convincing evidence of its apartheid. More than a third of Jerusalem’s residents — 37 percent — are Palestinians, who should have had equal rights, but are being subjugated in every possible way. It is no accident that here, of all places, is where the desperate uprising of loners was born, the third intifada.