Haaretz, Apr. 9, 2016


Locals had precious little time in which to enjoy the cool water of the pool that was the size of an enlarged bathtub, like a mikveh (ritual bath), fed by pure, natural spring water. But purity is the last word that comes to mind after what happened here.

[...] On March 23, the authorities demolished 17 homes, 21 livestock pens, five outhouses and the small swimming pool at the bottom of the hill. Four cars – old, gasping jalopies – were confiscated for not having licenses [....]

This is Firing Zone 905. On the villagers’ land. Have you ever heard of a firing zone on the land of a settlement?


Says Radwan, “You who rule us, you should look after us and not expel us. Where do you want us to go? To Libya? To Syria? It’s plain that Israel’s goal is to expel us from here.”