Haaretz, Jun.24, 2020

Rehavam Ze’evi’s reputation, on the other hand, has been quite tarnished and deservedly so, yet no one has dared lift a finger to put a stop to all the commemorations of him – bridges, highways, promenades, streets, squares, settlements and even an annual race. His name should have been blotted out long ago, but there’s no protest movement to lead this effort.

15 Gen 2021

Per la prima volta, B’Tselem, la più grande organizzazione israeliana per i diritti umani, conferma ciò che studiosi palestinesi e sudafricani affermano da anni: Israele è un regime di apartheid, tanto nei Territori palestinesi occupati come all'interno di Israele. 

9 Jul 2020

On 30 May 2020, Israeli Border Police officers fatally shot 31-year-old Iyad al-Halaq, a Palestinian from Wadi al-Joz in East Jerusalem. The young man, who was on the autistic spectrum, was on his way to the Elwyn Al Quds Center for individuals with disabilities, which he frequented daily. Al-Halaq fled from the officers and entered a garbage room on the street. There, lying on the ground, he was shot to death. Warda Abu Hadid, his caregiver at Elwyn, screamed again and again at the officers, “He’s disabled! He’s disabled!” – trying to explain that Iyad didn't understand the situation and wasn't carrying a weapon, pleading with them not to shoot him.

BDS, December 21, 2020

In October, Liverpool, UK cancelled EWE’s planned arms fair there. Seville cancellation follows protests by progressive, anti-war and anti-racist groups.

In a press release issued today by the City Council of Seville, the Councilor of Urban Housing, Tourism and Culture, Antonio Muñoz, announced the cancellation of the Electronic Warfare Europe arms fair which was scheduled to take place at the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Fibes in Seville in May 2021.

B'Tselem, 19 May 2020

Al-’Esawiyah residents have not forgotten that 90% of their land was taken by the Israeli occupier. This land is now used by the Hebrew University, Hadassah Mount Scopus Medical Center, nearby Jewish neighborhoods (French Hill and Tzameret Habira, both of which are settlements under international law), the settlement of Ma'ale Adumim and military and police bases.  South of al-‘Esawiyah, where the neighborhood’s last remaining land reserve for development is located, the Israeli authorities are planning to declare a national park. Al-’Esawiyah remains trapped in an enclave, with no prospects for development.