Hello, my name is Daniel. I'm 18 year old from Tel Aviv and I'm part of a new group of teens, school seniors and youth refusers that. We're called the Shministim Letter - 60 teens and youth aged 16-21 signed the statement we sent to Israeli Prime Minister, calling for refusal to enlist to the Israeli military. 'Shministim’, literally meaning 12th graders, is a movement of high school seniors who publicly refuse to serve in the Israeli military as a conscientious objection to the occupation and oppression of Palestinians. Over the last year, we’ve gotten together to learn about injustices and abuse that are an inherent part of the military regime. Together, we decided that right now, as Israel enters another election and Biden enters the white house, is the time to act. We demand justice, and justice demands solidarity and joint struggle.

Avaaz, January 2021

In the current pandemic period, the State of Israel is sometimes presented as exemplary in terms of vaccination. Yet it leaves the Palestinian population of the territory it occupies in the West Bank and Gaza without health care and vaccines, as well as a significant part of the Palestinian population of Jerusalem, while providing these services to the inhabitants of the illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

London Review of Books, 18 April 2020

With some of the highest population densities in the world, social distancing in refugee camps is nearly impossible.

6 Jan 2021

Two month ago, I visited the community of Khirbet Humsah in the Jordan Valley after Israel demolished it. The place looked like a tsunami had hit it. The remains of tin shacks, livestock pens, clothes, bedding, outhouses and kitchen utensils lay scattered. Exhausted, desperate, angry people were trying to salvage bits of tin and fabric to improvise shelters for their young children in the cold.

Haaretz, Jun 21, 2020

“The approach conveyed to the students is that there’s no fundamental difference between what happens beyond the Green Line and the reality within the line; that it’s the natural historical, geographic continuation.”