Middle East Eye, 24 November 2017

A Palestinian demonstrator tries to destroy the wall separating the West Bank city of Abu Dis from East Jerusalem in November 2015 (AFP)

It was what I would call incremental ethnic cleansing. In some cases they expelled droves of people from certain areas such as Jericho, the Old City of Jerusalem, and around Qalqilya. But in most cases they decided that military rule and a siege to enclose Palestinians in their own areas would be as beneficial as expelling them.

Haaretz, Dec 19, 2017

The Hamas government in Gaza has in recent days arrested many Salafi militants, apparently with the aim of halting their groups' rocket fire into Israel. Hamas has sent a message through several channels, above all Egyptian intelligence, that it seeks to avoid a an escalation of the recent violence with Israel.

Haaretz, Dec 4, 2017

Aisha Hassouna and her daughter Lara in the Gaza Strip, Lara's 4-year-old twin sister Yara died in July, before a pacemaker could be fitted. Khaled al-Azayzeh

This time, to ensure that the application for the permit would not be denied because of the identity of the accompanying adult, the mother’s grandmother was selected as the accompanying adult: 72 years old. The application was granted and the two set out for Jerusalem.

Sono il simbolo delle proteste di piazza per la dichiarazione di Trump su Gerusalemme e che ricordano sempre di più l’Intifada palestinese di trent’anni fa

Ahed Tamimi

Ahed Tamimi

 – Il Manifesto

Gerusalemme, 20 dicembre 2017, Nena News – «Dovrebbe finire i suoi giorni dentro a una cella». È questa punizione che il ministro dell’istruzione e leader ultranazionalista israeliano Naftali Bennett infliggerebbe alle 16enne palestinese Ahed Tamimi, arrestata nella notte di lunedì nella sua abitazione.

Associazione di Amicizia Italo-Palestinese, 14 dicembre 2017


Aerei da guerra israeliani

I governanti europei – dalla rappresentante esteri della Ue Mogherini al premier italiano Gentiloni, dal presidente francese Macron alla cancelliera tedesca Merkel – hanno preso formalmente le distanze dagli Usa e da Israele sullo status di Gerusalemme. Si sta creando una frattura tra gli alleati? I fatti mostrano il contrario.