Haaretz, Dec 29, 2017

Does anybody care that the Interior Ministry’s Population, Immigration and Border Authority is reexamining the citizenship of veteran immigrants, especially from the former Soviet Union?

Haaretz, Dec 26, 2017


Rafat Alsoos has seen most of his Palestinian family and friends leave the West Bank since 2000, echoing the exodus of Arab Christians from the Middle East. To compound matters, he’s also the only pig farmer in an area that’s increasingly Muslim


Customers, including a Franciscan monk, shopping at the Aziz Butcher and Farm shop in Beit Jala, December 2017. Dina Kraft

Alsoos and an older sister are the only members of his immediate family still living in Beit Jala. For most of its centuries-long history, this was a majority Christian village. Now, though, it has a growing Muslim population and a shrinking Christian one. Their parents and five other siblings live in Canada, in a suburb of Toronto.

Haaretz, Jan 12, 2017

The American Friends Service Committee logo

The American arm of the so-called Quaker Friends Societies, the American Friends Service Committee, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947 in general recognition of the humanitarian wartime aid Quakers have provided throughout modern history, but specifically for the role played by AFSC in saving Christians and Jews from the Nazis during World War II. Unlike most Christian organizations, which helped only Christians, AFSC did not differentiate between faiths and thus became one of the most active non-Jewish organizations saving Jews.

January 12, 2018

Israele giustifica la nuova ondata espansionistica con l’uccisione del colono Shevah. Ma la posizione delle unità abitative che nasceranno mostra l’intenzione di impedire uno Stato palestinese


Roma, 12 gennaio 2018, Nena News – Un’altra notte di scontri nella città di Nablus, ancora sotto la pressione dell’esercito israeliano alla caccia dei responsabili della morte del rabbino colono Raziel Shevah. Ieri notte i palestinesi hanno risposto alle perquisizioni dell’esercito israeliano lanciando pietre, la reazione dei soldati è stata il lancio di gas lacrimogeni e granate stordenti.

Haaretz, Jan 8, 2017


The AFSC’s Refugee Division was established after Kristallnacht in 1938 showed that many Jews in Germany were in danger and needed more than just humanitarian relief. This was the division that rescued and assisted more than 22,000 Jews and Christians before, during and after World War II, earning it the 1947 Nobel Peace Prize, together with the (British) Friends Service Council.