Haaretz, Jun 28, 2017

The Passover holiday in front of the Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews can pray in Jerusalem's Old City, Thursday, April 13, 2017.

The veneration of the Western Wall always struck me as a weird form of idolatry.

Haaretz, Jun 29, 2017

Absurd and obscene: Silent on the occupation, US Jews howl about their own victimhood: Israeli Border Policeman at the Western Wall. 25 February


It is obscene that on the fiftieth anniversary of the occupation, as a quarter of a million West Bank Palestinians were denied entry to Jerusalem to pray and to celebrate during Ramadan, and as Palestinians in Gaza observed their fast and celebrations in the dark, with barely enough clean drinking water or electricity to survive, American Jewish leaders are upset that they can't just drop in for a visit and close a backroom deal with the prime minister.

Jews for Justice for Palestinians, April 20th, 2017

One of the most famous pictures of the Holocaust. German storm troopers force Warsaw ghetto dwellers of all ages to move, hands up, during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, April 1943

“We fought for dignity and freedom, not for territory, not for a national identity”

Rebel Notes
April 18, 2017

Before you go to sleep tonight, take a few moments to reflect on what happened in Warsaw in the early hours of 19 April 1943. That was when troops and tanks of the most powerfully equipped army in the world – the German Nazis – entered the Warsaw Ghetto to burn the ghetto buildings to the ground, massacre the remaining inhabitants, or deport them to death camps. At one time the ghetto, comprising just 1.3 square miles, had held more than 400,000 people – almost all Jews, but also several hundred Roma Gypsies. By April 1943 the inhabitants still numbered 30-40,000 – starved, diseased, beaten – but still holding on to life, just.

Haaretz, May 31, 2017


Suddenly, my left arm was wrenched behind me, wrist twisted, and pushed so high that my fingers were above my left shoulder blade. My hat came off and I screamed in pain. As a veteran of a combat unit, I am familiar with pain. But I could not tell if my shoulder was still in its socket or if my arm was breaking.

Associazione di Amicizia Italo-Palestinese, 14 maggio 2017

La nuova guerra culturale israeliana di aggressione

La nuova guerra culturale israeliana di aggressione

Source: Richardfalk.com

7 maggio  2017

Un piccolo campo di battaglia in una grande Guerra culturale

Poche settimane fa, il mio libro Palestine’s Horizon: Toward a Just Peace [L’orizzonte della Palestina: verso una pace giusta],  è stato pubblicato in Gran Bretagna. In quel periodo sono stato a Londra e in Scozia per una serie di conversazioni all’università per contribuire al lancio del libro. La sua uscita è per caso è coincisa con la pubblicazione di un rapporto commissionato dalla Commissione Sociale ed Economica dell’ONU dell’Asia Occidentale, che ha dato alla mia partecipazione un rilievo  che altrimenti non avrebbe avuto. Il rapporto ha concluso che la prova riguardo alle pratiche israeliane verso i Palestinesi equivalevano ad ‘apartheid,’ come viene definita nella legge internazionale.