LobeLog, October 6th, 2015

Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation experience daily injustices: mass arrests, arbitrary detentions, military raids, separate and unequal legal systems, road closures, restrictions on travel, and settler attacks. However, only when Israeli Jews are killed does the region make the news in the United States and pundits start talking about “escalating violence” and “rising tensions.”

[...] The US media frames the story as yet another escalation of Palestinian violence against Israelis resulting in Israeli security crackdowns. But this narrative glosses over the devastating effects such “crackdowns” have on Palestinian civilians, over 500 of whom have been injured and two killed in the last few days alone. The stories date the recent rise of violence in the region to the killing of an Israeli settler couple in the West Bank last Thursday. But taking this event as the starting point for the recent violence ignores the outrage over the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) killing of a young woman at a checkpoint the week before, an incident Amnesty International has deemed an extrajudicial killing.


from http://lobelog.com/another-intifada/