Haaretz, Dec 16, 2015


Over last five years the number of construction workers who have fallen to their deaths reached 184 – much larger than number of Israelis killed in terror attacks or wars.


This slaughter touches on several of Israeli society’s ills: contempt for the deaths of people who build the country, because almost all of them are Arabs and labor migrants rather than Jews; the poor situation of those responsible for regulating building sites, who are trying with difficulty to put out fires while overseeing 12,000 building sites with a workforce of 17 poorly paid inspectors and a fleet of five vehicles, and without even a full-time economy minister (due to the dispute over the natural gas deal); and avarice – even though huge amounts of money flow through the real-estate market, many construction workers work with neither harness nor helmet, striding atop shaky scaffoldings to their possible deaths.

The construction industry is completely lawless. When a construction worker is killed as a result of negligence, the chance that anyone will pay a price for it is near zero.