Haaretz, Dec. 22, 2015


We are facing a major assault on Israel’s democratic-secular identity, with an unholy alliance between nationalism and religion at its core.


A longtime friend told me this week about a call he made to the principal of his young son’s elementary school. He asked how it was possible that at an institution that defines itself as science- and technology-oriented, the boy was coming home laden with homework on Torah rather than math.

[...] [T]he problem in Israel is that religion is not separate from government, and over the years it has also become less and less separate from right-wing West Bank settler politics.

Supreme Court Justice Noam Sohlberg, a settler who wears a skullcap, determined that counterterrorism laws should not apply to Jewish terrorists in the territories [....] That’s no longer a legal-security concept, but rather a theory of the chosen people.


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