Haaretz, Mar. 19, 2017

David Be'eri.


The history of Elad, the association [David Be'eri] founded, is paved with typical settler fraudulence: straw companies, collaborators, forged documents, extortion, bribery and greed, together with violent security companies, militias that wreak terror. This rot will now get a prize. Be’eri’s patently immoral goal justifies any means, in his view. Under the guise of archaeology, beautification and tourism, his vile and transparent aim is Judaization, in other words ethnic cleansing. Transfer in Jerusalem. The judiciary made it legal, the state cooperated and is now cheering as well.

[...] It’s a pity the jury members never witnessed people being turned out of their homes and into the street, on the orders of Be’eri and his gang [....]

The state, which in this case (and others) is Education Minister Naftali Bennett, decided to give its highest accolade in the realm of social affairs to an accomplice of the occupation and an accomplice of the army. That says something about the state’s priorities and everything about its values.

And who is cheering this dispiriting trumpet blast? The opposition [....]

Zionist Union Chairman Isaac Herzog [...] called Be’eri “a scholar and revealer of Jerusalem’s secrets,” after congratulating “Zvika and Davideleh,” for “their great projects for the people and the state.” The transfer contractor is the “revealer of Jerusalem’s secrets,” and Herzog is the revealer of Israel’s secrets: The entire state is Elad.