Haaretz, Jul 26, 2017


The first is the automatic Israeli contempt for Arab life [....]

[...] The field is clear to sow fear [....] This fear turns every Arab into someone out to get us, for no reason, at any time or any place.

[...] The vast majority of Israeli society understands and justifies the policemen and soldiers’ actions, and doesn’t question the ease with which human life is taken.

The fourth element is Israel’s immunity from any punishment for its actions as a colonialist entity that bombs homes with their inhabitants inside and maintains a discriminatory ethno-nationalist regime. The impunity of Israel is axiomatic in international relations today, and relates to the state itself, to senior military and civilian officials, and to private individuals (settlers, settlement architects, Civil Administration employees, soldiers and policemen) who systematically violate international law.

It was pathetic to hear the speakers on Israeli radio stations Sunday saying that on the basis of “international law,” Ziv has diplomatic immunity. Suddenly international law is on our side – the same one that is usually presented as hostile or irrelevant to us. Perhaps that’s the fifth component in the cloning of Ziv: the double standard we are taught. What’s hateful to do to us is an order to do to others.