Haaretz, Sep. 7, 2017


Eight family members, including an 84-year-old man in a wheelchair, were evicted from the apartment because before 1948, its owner was Jewish. Now the house has been returned to the owner’s heirs, the descendants of the late Haim Ben Sulimani Yan’i.

[...] Here Israel says, without stammering: Entrance for Jews only. Exit for Arabs. Not only the right of return, but the right of property is also exclusively for Jews. A Jew who lost his home in 1948 will have his house returned to him with all respect. A Palestinian – and there were hundreds of thousands of them – has lost it forever. Two justice systems on an ethnic basis. In other languages it’s called apartheid. There’s no other name for it [....]

Another dunam and another goat, as the Zionist saying goes, and Sheikh Jarrah will be Jewish. Another dunam and another goat, and the transfer will intensify and the apartheid state will stand on legal foundations.

This is the state of all its Jews. There’s no other way to excuse the brazenness in which Israel declares that correcting the injustices of 1948 is for Jews alone, while most of the victims were Palestinians.