Haaretz, 10/09/2017


Zionism,” Shaked said, “should not continue and will not continue to bow down to the system of individual rights interpreted in a universal way.” She called for grounding individual rights within a nationalist context in which national tasks, identity and history take preference over universal individual rights.

[...] Her goal is a national identity in which the individual is a partner to a Zionist mission that gives the individual the sense of belonging to a “community.” According to Talmon, Mussolini said about such a mission that “the individual was supposed to make himself into an instrument. ... His life was duty, dedication, service, sacrifice. This view of nationhood and of the individual in relation to it was an ethical conception which covered the whole of reality.”

[...] The individual must serve the nation and be willing to sacrifice himself for it. The nation, and not the individual, is “the primary datum ... all-determining.” The nation shall not bow to the rights of the individual. The individual is an instrument by which the nation shall realize its mission. The rights of the nation come before the rights of the individual.