Haaretz, Jan 1, 2018


Most Palestinians, in contrast, aren’t Israeli citizens, and for those who are, their citizenship is both Class D and conditional. There is always legislation in the pipeline that will further reduce their status. And the Palestinians who aren’t citizens don’t count at all, because they have no right to vote. It’s always possible to imagine and plan for their expulsion from this land, not merely their arrest.

Haaretz, Dec 26, 2017

Interior Minister Arye Dery at a government meeting on April 9, 2017 Ohad Tzoygenberg

In a democratic country, citizens shouldn’t have to fear being stripped of their citizenship and law-abiding people shouldn’t have to fear routine encounters with government agencies.

Haaretz, Dec 9, 2017


suddenly, the boys were told to return to their classrooms. Why? “Immodest content” – namely, a song sung by a fifth-grade girl.


24 novembre 2017, Middle East Eye

Una storia dell’occupazione israeliana in Cisgiordania e nella Striscia di Gaza analizza quali meccanismi militari vengono usati per controllare le vite dei palestinesi.

La guerra dei Sei Giorni del 1967 tra Israele e gli eserciti arabi ha portato all’occupazione della Cisgiordania e della Striscia di Gaza.

The New York Review of Books, 11 December 2017

Hazem Bader/AFP/Getty ImagesA Palestinian woman looking at the remains of her home after it was demolished by Israeli bulldozers, near Hebron, the West Bank, March 6, 2017

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his ministers think they can now get away with a campaign of slow ethnic cleansing.