Mondoweiss, April 11, 2015

Through most of my life I did not have any contact with Palestinians. Not one friend, acquaintance or neighbor, none. The Palestinians were on the dark side of the moon. I never went to Arab towns, definitely not to the West Bank or Gaza (before the blockade). [...] I lived in Jerusalem, the “united Jerusalem”, where 40% are Palestinians, (residents, not citizens) I never went to East Jerusalem. I saw Palestinians cleaning the streets, planting flowers to beautify my city, building, carrying products in the supermarkets and washing dishes in restaurants, but I really, did not see them.

16 marzo 2015


L’inserviente era impegnato in una conversazione con la segretaria e un’altra donna. L’accento rivelava che era arrivato da poco dall’Etiopia. [...]

Internazionale, 23 febbraio 2015


ho paura delle reazioni violente dell’esercito israeliano. Si protestava contro il progetto israeliano di costruire un insediamento per beduini su terre confiscate al villaggio palestinese di Abu Dis. Da due settimane gli attivisti cercano di ostacolare i lavori montando delle tende e costruendo delle strutture provvisorie in legno o in cemento, senza farsi intimidire dall’esercito israeliano.

March 22, 2013


 Demolitions are executed for “administrative” reasons (lack of a permit) [...]. Master plans and zoning regulations have been carefully prepared so as to limit Palestinian building, all carefully based on legal requirements. [...] “There are no more construction permits for Palestinians,” reiterated Colonel Shlomo Politus, legal advisor to the Civil Administration, to the Israeli Parliament on 13 July 2003 [....]

+972, April 18, 2015

IDF openly tells the 7,000 residents of Hizma that they are being collectively punished for the stone-throwing of a few Palestinians.