Mar 29, 2017

Haaretz, Jun 29, 2017


the ultra-Orthodox-Zionist (so-called “Hardal”) missionaries have an abundance of auxiliary learning materials, including a monologue called “I’m the Last Jew” – whose very name stains the memory of the gifted and aggressively secular writer Yoram Kaniuk, author of the book “The Last Jew.” This monologue prophesies the demise of the Jewish people, which comes about of course because people didn’t observe Shabbat and the commandments set out in the halakha (Jewish religious law) – heartwarming commandments like observance of niddah (ritual purity for menstruating women) – and didn’t hold the benighted world view according to which the exposed elbow of a 5-year-old girl is considered to be irresistible to an ultra-Orthodox man.

Haaretz, May 3, 2017


The Forward reported this week on a poll published in Fathom, the research journal of the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre, which showed that younger Israelis are increasingly unaware that the West Bank and the Jewish settlements aren’t actually part of Israel proper.

Haaretz, Jun 21, 2017


Richards researched the maternal genetic ancestry of Ashkenazi Jews. And lo and behold, he discovered that 80 percent or more (!) of the maternal genetic makeup of Ashkenazi Jews derives from European women – goys, heaven forbid.

15 giugno 2017, Haaretz

Un’altra ora senza elettricità a Gaza e verrà dato il segnale: razzi Qassam. Ancora una volta Israele sarà la vittima ed il massacro avrà inizio.

Israele e Gaza non sono di fronte ad un’altra guerra, né stanno gridando ad un’altra “operazione” o “attacco”. Questa mistificante terminologia ha lo scopo di fuorviare e banalizzare ciò che rimane della coscienza.