al Jazeera, 11 april 2017

The new pay cuts, targeting employees of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza, will increase the hardships for many in the strip [Ezz Zanoun]

Dadeh, along with many other PA workers, are under threat of losing their homes if they fail to pay rent. He must also look for new creditors to help him cover his medical costs for his wife, who suffers from diabetes. For now, all he can do is protest.

Meanwhile, the effect of the salary crisis has been conspicuous throughout the local markets of Gaza as the purchasing power sharply decreased and many of stores are devoid of customers.

Omar Shaban, an economic commentator in Gaza, said that

the local economy in Gaza is already dying and crippled, but the situation will get worse if the crisis remained unresolved.

"The stagnant economy in Gaza needs to be stimulated with movement in the markets, but with no salaries, the workers will not pay back their debts for the store owners and everyone will be in hot water," Shaban told Al Jazeera.