Haaretz, Aug 7, 2017


A cohort of people, control addicts enamored of their power, are sitting in the offices in the Kirya Defense Ministry compound in Tel Aviv (the office of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, COGAT), and at the Erez checkpoint (the Coordination and Liaison Administration, CLA).

[...] Attorney Liron Hopfeld, first assistant in the state prosecution’s High Court division, has done the copy-and-paste from innumerable other government responses, and wrote in hers: “The starting point for our discussion is that the petitioners, residents of the Gaza Strip, like any foreign national, have no legal right to enter Israel for any purpose.”

Note: These “foreign nationals,” like the other Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, are obligated to register in the Population Registry of Israel’s Interior Ministry. That is how it has been since 1967. Their ID cards are almost identical to those of an Israeli. Is there another case where people exist, bureaucratically speaking, only if the officials of a “neighboring foreign country” approve the details of their identity?

[...] IThere’s nothing mysterious or obscure about the malice of COGAT, CLA and the High Court: They’re only following orders, which are to sever Palestinians in Gaza from those in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem), to destroy the natural connections between them.