Ma'an News Agency, Aug 20, 2017

Palestinian Security Services (File)

In partnership with other donors, the EU and its mission helped the PA to re-establish civil and security control in parts of Area A of the West Bank. Despite its initial reluctance to allow the EU to play a more significant political role in the region, Israel has endorsed these technical achievements of EUPOL COPPS, realizing the mission can make the PA more effective in policing the West Bank and a more reliable partner in quashing dissent and countering insurgency.

Israel perceives EUPOL COPPS as an integral component of the security coordination paradigm that is mainly designed and structured to ensure Israelis’ security [....]

While the EU generally refrains from supporting security services with a reputation for human rights abuse, such as the US-sponsored Preventive Security agency and the General Intelligence Service, the EU-supported Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) has also been implicated in the excessive use of force against peaceful demonstrations.

[...] [M]any Palestinians fear that the ultimate goal of the European and US-led security sector reform of the Palestinian Authority is to silence or criminalize resistance against the Israeli occupation. According to this growing sentiment, this repression results directly from using international aid funds to subcontract the Israeli occupationto the PA [....]

The EU and its mission are increasingly becoming complicit in the maintenance of the status quo.