Human Rights Council, 24 February20 March 2020

Palestinian citizens of Israel, subject to Israeli civil law;

Associazione di Amicizia Italo-Palestinese, 16 gennaio 2018

L'esercito israeliano spara a un bambino in testa "durante l'addestramento"

IMEMC News, 10.01.2018

I soldati israeliani hanno sparato, mercoledì scorso, a un bambino palestinese con un colpo di alla testa, durante un "addestramento militare" vicino a Tubas, nel nord-est della West Bank.

Haaretz, Dec 26, 2017


Rafat Alsoos has seen most of his Palestinian family and friends leave the West Bank since 2000, echoing the exodus of Arab Christians from the Middle East. To compound matters, he’s also the only pig farmer in an area that’s increasingly Muslim


Customers, including a Franciscan monk, shopping at the Aziz Butcher and Farm shop in Beit Jala, December 2017. Dina Kraft

Alsoos and an older sister are the only members of his immediate family still living in Beit Jala. For most of its centuries-long history, this was a majority Christian village. Now, though, it has a growing Muslim population and a shrinking Christian one. Their parents and five other siblings live in Canada, in a suburb of Toronto.

Forward, Jan 7, 2018

Hebron in particular and Palestine in general are divided between those who have rights — namely settlers — and those who don’t — Palestinians like me.

The New York Review of Books, January 18, 2018

Stephen Shore/303 Gallery, New York Nabi Musa, West Bank, January 19, 2010; photograph by Stephen Shore from the exhibition Stephen Shore, on view at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City, through May 28, 2018. The catalog is by Quentin Bajac, with contributions by David Campany, Kristen Gaylord, and Martino Stierli. It is published by MoMA.

In his chapter on the colonization of North America and the subjugation of Native Americans, Fields describes how “the law emerged as a crucial instrument in dispossessing Amerindians and transferring their land to colonists.” [...]