Haaretz, Feb. 21, 2016


Sixty percent of the construction workers who died on the job were killed by falling from roofs, scaffolding or other high places.

[...] Said Karkolov: “I was afraid the crane would overturn and that would be the end of me. Another crane operator and I climbed down and our work supervisor came over and asked why we weren’t on the crane. We explained to him that it was life-threatening. He mocked us and said it wasn’t dangerous and that we should get back up there, because if we didn’t there was no reason for us to come back to work tomorrow.

“We went back up; three times I went up and then came down, because I was afraid to lose my job but also afraid to die,” Karkolov continued. “I’m a single mother of two small children and I need the money. The supervisor said that there was cement coming and I had to go up and I had no choice. The last time, when it started to rain besides the winds, I came down and refused to go up again. On the way home I got a phone call telling me I was fired.”