Haaretz, Feb. 3, 2017

The police have stepped up nighttime raids on Palestinian homes in parts of East Jerusalem over the past two months – gathering intelligence on an alleged 500 homes, contrary to proper procedures.

The Justice Ministry admitted recently that the raids are conducted without a court warrant. Nonetheless, the police routinely continue to aggressively pursue the activity.

[...] Residents living in the area said the policemen, often wearing masks, come to a different building every night. They then go from door to door, waking up the families in each apartment, asking for papers and taking details.

The residents say the policemen show no warrant, aren’t looking for anyone specific and don’t search the apartments. They hold an aerial photograph of the neighborhood, with which they register the residents’ names, including those of children and infants.

[...] Jamil Sanduqa, a member of the Ras Khamis residents’ committee, held a survey in various areas yesterday, and said the police have raided no fewer than 500 apartments in the past two months.

All the raids were carried out between 1 and 4 A.M., he said.

“Sometimes 100 policemen come in [to the neighborhood], sometimes more, all wearing black with their faces covered,” he said. “They knock on all the doors and if anyone doesn’t open, they force the door open,” he added.


from http://www.haaretz.com/misc/article-print-page/.premium-1.769405